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Christina Engaging The Room

"ignite the
powerhouse in you!" 

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My guess is someone you trusted, mentioned my name, we met, know each other, or you came across my posts on Social Media, whichever it is,  I am so happy you are here. 

"Did I hear you say you want to conquer Hesitation, Procrastination, Imposter Syndrome, Feeling of being Not Enough, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Fear of Rejection and Stress - YES?

Guess what?! These are the Thieves of YOUR Dreams!"


I am using simple to apply science backed techniques and tools so you automatically default to your pre-determined and desired emotions, thoughts and behaviors that produce the ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE. 

So for example, when "stuff" comes up, you will know automatically how to act and you will "show up" the way you want to "show up" in life and in your career. 


YOU have a leader within. I am here to guide you in unveiling the leader you've always been and to reinforce that inherent strength.

Committed to excellence? Let's do this together!! 

Because "Who is in Your Corner?" "I Am in Your Corner! - 
Xtina in Your Corner!

"WOW! Check Out, Who Endorsed me!"  
Joseph mcclendon iii

Joseph McClendon III has a Doctorate in Neuropsychology and is one of the most sought after Ultimate Performance Specialists in the industry. Having coached Academy Award winning actors, Olympic athletes, Fortune 100 CEOs and even royalty, Joseph has perfected the ability to create rapid personal change that effectively moves people to take more consistent action with their personal and business achievements. Now he teaches these same methods to students of the Neuroencoding Institute, and equips them to become Specialists certified in themethods of the Neuroencoding Institute through our certification and licensed programs.

Free Coaching Consultation for leaders & Aspiring Leaders


I use scientifically proven techniques and tools, to help you to automatically default to your best thoughts, feelings, and actions, so you achieve your goals and desires...AND I am a product of the product! 

I can help YOU, your employees or team create a high level psychology so you default in performing at your highest level no matter what you are doing in life and/or whatever you are after. 

The techniques and tools I am using are life changing… (not kidding) 
Are you committed to excellence? Let’s connect!

Chris H., NE

"Of all things I have learned to relax anxiety, the things Christina (Xtina) taught me are the best and have become my go-to. It just feels good to move away from anxiety or unwanted mood by programming my brain to move forward in a positive way. It seems like the most important thing is to do is stem the anxiety ASAP. As soon as I feel something I jump up, go through all the steps Christina taught me and it works...(and I could go on and on..) 

Cynthia C. VA

When Christina presents or is on stage, she is on FIRE, boosted, powerful, she definitely kept everyone off their seats. Her content is engaging, useful and super valuable. I see her like a rising Phoenix. She is a very strong, funny, shinning entrepreneurial lady and presenter. She is shining and magnetizing. Christina is transforming your life and others'.

Christopher V., OH

Christina is totally inspiring. She had me/us jump on a chair without hesitation, this is how magnetizing she is. Her presentation is relatable, fun, actionable.  The techniques she was teaching are easy to use. 
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