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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Christina V. Aigner  was born and raised in Europe, Austria, where her parents' entrepreneurial ventures exposed her to the challenges and rewards of running a business. Recognizing the significant benefit that business and leadership coaching could have offered her parents’ enterprises, Christina became inspired, dug deeper to learn and discovered methods to encourage and assist business leaders in their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

After graduating from business school and studying law, Christina sought new adventures. This search led her to move to Los Angeles. There, she enrolled in a postgraduate marketing program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Upon graduation, she entered the male-dominated industry of international logistics, oversaw and managed  imports and exports  for high-valuables such as designer jewelry for prestigious events like the  Golden Globes and Oscars.  As the only female in a senior executive position across 50+ global offices, Christina showcased her resilience and determination.

Despite her professional success, and working endless hours, Christina eventually changed careers and transitioned into real estate. However, Christina's passion for helping others and her natural ability to offer advice and guidance remained a constant throughout her life.

Fascinated by the richness of various cultures, Christina appreciates the wealth of knowledge that can be gained through cross-cultural exchanges and is keenly aware of the unique challenges faced by different cultural groups.


Christina is a proud Founding member of the Neuroencoding Institute and she is the chair-woman of the Method of Presentation of the Neuroencoding Institute.  She is a Dual Neuroencoding Elite Specialist, certified, coached and mentored by the world-renowned Neuropsychologist and one of the most sought after Ultimate Performance Specialists in the industry,  Dr. Joseph McClendon III. By using scientifically proven techniques and tools, Christina helps people automatically default to their best thoughts, feelings, and actions, enabling them to achieve their goals and desires.

As a Neuroencoding Elite specialist, certified Life Coach, a Dr. Daniel Amen licensed Brain Health Trainer and Peak Performance Coach, Christina is committed in helping people to unleash their full potential, become the best version of themselves, and thrive in their careers while overcoming various challenges, including fears and anxiety.


Christina believes that leaders should lead with compassion and heart, rather than ego, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all, while increasing productivity.

In addition to her coaching career, Christina serves as a board member for two nonprofit organizations: Walk with Sally, which supports children impacted by cancer and Mama Hill's Help.

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  • Dual Elite NeuroEncoding Specialist

  • Brain Coach 

  • Life Coach 

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